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Trekking in the Majesty of the Tibetan Plateau Fall 2014

  • Dates: 08/16/2014 ~ 08/30/2014
  • Duration: 15 days
  • Price: $3100.00
  • Activity: trekking, cultural activities, sight-seeing, qigong (optional, see A few words about Qigong)


This 15-day wilderness trekking adventure will start on August 16, 2014 in Chengdu China, the capital of Sichuan province. Sichuan is the home of the giant pandas, delicious spicy foods, and the famous Sichuan opera – all of which we will take in before traveling across the Tibetan Plateau to Kangding. Kangding is a beautiful Tibetan village famous due to a well-known folk song. The elevation is about 8,400 feet, and we will stay in Kangding to do some day hikes while adjusting to the high altitude.

From Kangding, we head on to another more remote Tibetan village that will be the launching place for our trekking adventure. This village, Litang is close to the Genyen Massif, a stunningly majestic mountain range that is the home of the glaciated Mt. Genyen (20,354 ft), considered sacred to the Tibetans.

From there, we will put on our packs and trek into the grand Himalaya, setting up a small base camp in front of the magnificent Lenggu Monastery. This is one of the very few Tibetan monasteries which was not destroyed during the Chinese Cultural Revolution because of its remoteness. There we will enjoy several days of exploring the valley, and hiking amongst the meditation caves that look out on the breathtaking granite spires nearby.

We then will travel  south to the city of Daocheng. Daocheng is a cute Tibetan city with a different flavor from Litang. We will explore the city and dance with the locals along with the wild Tibetan dance music. From there we can take an option day tour to Yading which is famous of the three astonishing snowy peaks which were believed to be three Guanyin’s (i.e. goddess).

After soaking in the majesty of the Tibetan Plateau, we will fly back to Chengdu from Daocheng/Yading airport.

During this fantastic trek, we also offer qigong lessons (optional but highly recommended. You will know why after you watched the qigong video below!!!) We are so excited to share this trip as it encompasses such spectacular scenery, energy and amazing cultural diversity.

Past Records:

  • A documentary of Trekking in the Majesty of the Tibetan Plateau 2013:

Inclusions & Exclusions:

Price includes the following: food during the trek, meals in town, all lodging (camping & shared hotel rooms), ground transportation, packhorses and horse packers, admission to parks (except for the optional tour to Yading), permits, bilingual guide, and Mandarin conversational lessons. The price does not include airfare (international or domestic – please read Note right below the tentative itinerary), checked baggage fees, visa fee, travel insurance, personal gear, immunization, personal snacks, drinks, and gratuity.

Physical Requirement:

The trek is supported by pack horses and porters. Participants will carry a day pack during the trek. A day pack should have water, snack, extra layers, rain gear, personal medicine and other personal items. Any avid day hikers will be able to finish the trip.

A few words about Qigong (check out the above video for Qigong in action!):

Qigong practice is a powerful way to cultivate our own health and vitality, and develop our spirit and soul. It also offers tools to receive Qi – both energy and information – from our environment. China is home to many healing and mystical arts, such as Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Daoism, all of which have been born from its Lands and channeled through its people. Qigong offers a profound way to tap into these teachings from its very source.

This Qigong & Wilderness trekking trip will cover a strong foundation of qigong, including the preliminary exercises for Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) Levels 1 and 2 and at least 2 of the main sitting and standing forms of ZY Qigong meditation. In addition, you will learn a comprehensive daily qigong “warm-up” and a wonderful set of exercises to cleanse the 12 meridians called the Eight Brocades. While the exercises are simple, they are powerful. They are tools you can use for a lifetime, both for your increased health and strength and as a self-development system. This foundation of qigong will also enable you to more fully receive, experience and explore China’s ancient, yet ever-evolving magnificent terrains, its people and culture.

Tentative Itinerary:1

Day 1: Our trip kicks off in Chengdu, Sichuan. We will use this day to explore the city, visit pandas, watch Sichuan Opera, and taste spicy Sichuanese cuisine. Chengdu is the capital of this province. It has a unique historical and cultural background and it is known for its relaxing atmosphere and slow urban pace. Parents are warned not to send their kids here for school in case kids “play” more than they study.

Day 2-3: We start our journey towards the Eastern Tibetan plateau and will explore Kangding. Kangding is a neat Tibetan town and is well known because of a timeless folk song called “Romancing Kangding.” It is an important trading hub from the ancient Tea-Horse trade route. Currently, it is much like a melting pot, displaying both Chinese and Tibetan cultures. We will visit some historical sites and stroll through the city on day 2 and take a day hike in near-by grassland on day 3.

Day 4-5: On day 4, we arrive in Litang, which is close to the Genyen Massif. The average elevation of Litang is 13,000 feet. Due to the high elevation we’ll spend time in this lovely town to acclimatize to the thinner air. We will also explore Litang’s Tibetan-style architecture, drink some yak butter tea, visit the biggest Tibetan monastery in Eastern Tibetan plateau to learn about Tibetan Buddhism, and interact with the friendly Tibetan locals.

Day 6-10: On day 6 we will trek into the amazing Genyen Massif and set up a base camp near the Lenggu Monastery, which was spared from the demolishment of religious architectures during the Cultural Revolution because of its remoteness. From the base camp, we have the view of the awe-inspiring sacred snow peak, Genyen. For the next several days we will have the opportunity to meditate in caves, take day hikes, and simply enjoy the beauty of this natural terrain.

Day 11-14: In the morning, we will have time to wind down from our trek, take a stroll in Litang and shop for souvenirs. In the afternoon, we’ll travel south and arrive at the city of Daocheng which is also a Tibetan town but has a distinct flavor from Litang. In Daocheng we will explore the city and dance in circles with locals with Tibetan dance music. We then will explore the near-by scenic area, Yading, which is famous for the three snowy peaks believed to be the three sacred goddesses.

Day 15: This lovely expedition concludes in Daocheng and you can choose to fly back to Chengdu or take ground transportation. (Note Below)


For the past few years our Trekking in the Majesty of the Tibetan Plateau had always concluded in Chengdu. We left Litang on Day 13, utilized ground transportation first to Kangding. On Day 14 we arrived in Chengdu. Yes, it takes two days of land travel from Litang to Chengdu and vice versa.

In late 2013, a new airport (Daocheng-Yading airport) near Litang has started to operate. Now it only takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes to fly from Daocheng to Chengdu. Based on our past experience, it’s safe to say that people would prefer air travel than land travel. That’s why the 2014 Trekking in the Majesty of the Tibetan Plateau includes more activities at the end, concludes at Daocheng, and give participants options to head back to Chengdu.

Your Options:


Since the expedition concludes in Daocheng, if you head back to Chengdu on Day 15, you will need to cover the cost.

The airfare can be somewhere around $200.00 – $350.00 one-way. And we will help you book your flight (There’s only one flight a day). Please bear in mind that the elevation of the airport is really high (~4,400 meters) so the flight can be easily influenced by the weather.

If you want to take ground transpiration, it will cost about $100.00 -$150.00 plus a night of lodging at Kangding and Chengdu.


If you choose to take ground transportation and start to head back on Day 13, we’ll cover the ground transportation and both the lodging on the nights of Day 13 & Day 14.

Payment Info:

The price is based on a minimum group size of 6 trekkers.

Deposit: A $500 deposit is required to reserve your spot. 50% of your payment is due on May 15 2014 . Full payment is due on June 15 2014.

***SPECIAL Discounts***

  • For couples, we’re offering $200 off the tuition if both are signed up by March 31, 2014
  • Groups of 4 signing up together, each person receives $150 off their tuition if signed up by March 31, 2014

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel a trip, we will refund your payments less the following fees:

  • If you cancel 60 days or more in advance of your trip: $200;
  • If you cancel 30-59 days in advance: 50% of trip tuition.
  • If you cancel within 30 days or less: 100% of trip tuition.

We accept payments via personal checks or paypal:

  • Personal checks: please write to info@littlepo.com to request detailed instructions
  • Paypal: please select the option below and follow the instructions on the screen:

LittlePo Tibetan Plateau Trek

  1. LittlePo Adventures reserves the right to change the itinerary depending on the physical conditions of the participants, weather, how well the group acclimatize etc. Safety is the first priority.
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