"The depth and beauty I experienced with the local people, culture and wilderness really instilled me with a whole new perspective of love and passion for living." - Ting Hsiao


LittlePo Adventures connects and collaborates with local communities. We are committed to providing amazing adventures and have sought out partnerships with other companies that provide quality client experiences and operate in a sustainable and culturally sensitive manner. Introducing our friends and partners from our base Seattle, to our trip operating destinations China and Taiwan:

Local Partners (Pacific Northwest, United States)
Kaf Adventures


Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Kaf Adventures educates and transforms outdoor enthusiasts into confident climbers with valuable skills they continue to build on throughout their life’s journey. LittlePo and Kaf together bring English speakers to climb and play in the wilderness in China and Taiwan, as well as Chinese speakers to the US for an educational and spiritual outdoor experience.

Karen Flectcher

Flectcher’s Page

Based in Seattle, Karen Flectcher is the innovator of Qi Dancing and founder of Our Dancing Village ~ Family Dance Jam. She began her journey in the Chinese healing arts in 1995 with study in Taichi and Qigong. The partnership of LittlePo and Flectcher is to provide an integrated experience of inner energy and the wilderness, from the public parks in Seattle to the sacred mountain ranges in Western China.

Adv China

Adv China is a community for adventure touring motorcyclists and all other outdoor sport enthusiasts. The founder Yang Wei (Franki Yang) started ADV China in 2010 with a few friends to promote adventure and systematic learning of outdoor skills in China and eventually build a strong community nationwide. Yang was a deep sea diver by training and adventure motorcyclist by passion. He has been riding motorcycle and scuba diving for 43 years. LittlePo is honored to be invited to join Adv China. Our collaboration with Adv China will allow LittlePo to expand our outdoor network in China and we will provide Adv China with standardized outdoor education systems taught in the US.

Climb Dali

Located in the heart of Yunnan China, Climb Dali offers guiding and instruction to all level of rock climbers. Their goals are to build a community of outdoor enthusiasts and to turn Dali into a premier destination for rock climbing and the outdoors. LittlePo loves Dali for its authenticity and an easy access to great scenery. Climb Dali is a core partner of LittlePo for Discovering the Lost Horizon, an Active Journey to the Heart of Yunnan.

Oasis Kayak

Based in the best secret island Penghu Taiwan, Oasis Kayak provides sea kayaking instructions and customized sea kayaking excursions. Sea Kayaking is one of the best ways to get to know Penghu intimately – from beautiful sand beaches to towering basalt columns located on small islets. LittlePo and Oasis Kayak invite you to participate in our Romancing Penghu, an Active Island Adventure.