Our lodgings were comfortable mostly in small, local inns and our meals were all delicious, authentic, local, fresh food. We were able to experience the tremendous diversity and beauty of China hiking and biking in many beautiful places and to have many interactions with local indigenous people. - Jane Wicklund

Events 2012

Chasing Ghosts and Dreams Along the Tibetan Plateau – A Slideshow

In August of 2011, Dave Anderson and Szu-ting Yi travelled to the Tibetan Plateau of China to explore the remote Genyen Massif. Dave had previously visited the area in 2006 and successfully completed a first ascent of a huge granite spire Sachun, but before he could attempt any other peaks winter storms forced him out of the valley. In the fall of 2011, Dave and Szu-ting returned to the Genyen Massif with two goals. The first goal was to ascend two unclimbed mountains. The second goal was to help a Tibetan man, Rinchin Chuta, with his dream of opening a language school in the nearby town of Litang. Join Dave as he recounts, through images and video, his incredible experiences in the mountains and with the amazing people of Western China.
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Qigong & Wilderness Hike ~ Big Quilcene River, Olympic Penn. 

Yes! It’s time again for another Qigong & Wilderness hike! Let’s go play in the Trees and remember, receive and restore our natural aliveness and vitality as so exuberantly expressed in our mountains, rivers and forests. Event Details

09/09/2012 ~ 09/22/2012
Trekking in the Majesty of the Tibetan Plateau, A Qigong and Wilderness Adventure 

This Qigong & Wilderness Adventure is a trekking and qigong expedition into the heart of the Tibetan Plateau to experience the wild scenic beauty and teachings of the Himalayan Mountains and the vibrant culture of the local people who live there. Read More

  • Days: 14 days
  • Price: $2600.00
  • Activity: Trekking, Service, Qigong, Cultural Activities
10/28/2012 ~ 11/10/2012
Discovering the Lost Horizon, an Active Journey to the Heart of Yunnan 

From Kunming, via Dali and Lijiang, to Shangri-la . Karst towers, historic towns, and diverse cultures. Trekking along the Tiger Leaping Gorge, one cannot help but be awed by the sheer cliffs and mountain peaks overhead. The unknown Laojunshan National Park is like an unrefined diamond – its pristine natural beauty is enticing and waiting to be explored. Perhaps, it is worth to get lost in the Lost Horizon. Read More

  • Days: 14 days
  • Price: $2650.00
  • Activity: Hiking, Biking, Qigong, Cultural Activities