"Little Po's knowledge of the food, the land, and the culture helped us gain access to an adventure that wouldn't have been possible without her." - Sara Hopkins

Discover the Lost Horizon, an Active Journey to the Heart of Yunnan

  • Dates: 09/14/2014 ~ 09/27/2014. Springs or falls (we welcome inquiry from small groups for customized outings)
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Price: $3100.00
  • Activity: hiking, biking, cultural events, qigong


Yunnan, literally means “south of the clouds,” is located in the southwestern corner of China. The climate of Yunnan is usually mild and pleasant. Its capital city, Kunming, is well known by the nickname “spring city.” Yunnan is situated in a mountainous area and has exceptional geographical features: karsts topography, deep mountain gorges, and distinctive canyons. In addition, Yunnan contains extraordinary cultural diversity as it is home to 25 different minority groups, and is home to one of the last matriarchal societies at LuGu Lake. Friendly people living a simple life, surrounded by amazing scenery of high mountains and countless lakes make Yunnan a unique paradise. Many believe that the utopia described in a best-selling book, The Lost Horizon, was inspired by Yunnan.

Our journey starts at Kunming, and quickly takes us on biking tour of Dali, with the expansive waters and impressive sky of Erhai Lake, small fishing villages, local markets, and delicious cuisine. We will also explore the ancient salt-trade village of Nuodeng, tucked high in the mountains with no cars or vehicles, only steep cobbled stoned pathways, horses, pigs, a village Chinese doctor, many friendly farmers, curious children and profound peace and beauty (also famous for its organic ham!)

Then we will travel to the small village of Shaxi, and hike up to stone temples built into the mountains with wild monkeys that may come to greet us if we’re lucky. Lijiang is the next stop to further explore some signature northwestern areas, including the stunning Tiger Leaping Gorge and Laojunshan National Park, all the while taking in the local culture, culinary style, and history of each place.

Our tour will focus on the traveling through and staying in the historic sections of towns of the region, where you can re-live the era of Dali kingdom among real residents. Qigong instruction and daily practice will be offered throughout this exciting adventure.


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We had successful trips in this lovely place in spring 2011 and fall 2012 and we can’t wait to share this awesome experience with more friends! Check out our photo albums here: