Our lodgings were comfortable mostly in small, local inns and our meals were all delicious, authentic, local, fresh food. We were able to experience the tremendous diversity and beauty of China hiking and biking in many beautiful places and to have many interactions with local indigenous people. - Jane Wicklund

Rocking the Pacific, Sea-cliff Climbing & Ocean Adventures

  • Dates: Springs or falls (we welcome inquiry from small groups for customized outings)
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: $1650.00
  • Activity: rock climbing, ocean sports


One of the best kept secrets in Asia is the world class rock climbing and amazing water based pursuits of Taiwan. While the west side of Taiwan contains large modern cities, the east side with its sheer sandstone cliffs and quiet sand beaches has a sparse population and a slower pace of life making it an ideal location to enjoy a variety of outdoor endeavors and soak up the amazing culture as well.

We will spend our time based along the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean on the east coast of Taiwan. By day, LittlePo will lead a variety of outdoor activities such as rock climbing at Long Dong (aka Dragon Cave) a stunning sea cliff with routes for all abilities. Other land based activities include, hiking the historic Caoling Trail and biking along the shimmering pacific coast. In the ocean you can snorkel and swim amongst the colorful coral and other sea life found in the warm water, paddle sea kayaks and explore the unique bays and small islands, catch some waves in the friendly surf or just hang out on the beach.

Evening and rest day activities will include visiting in one of the soul soothing hot springs, sky lantern festivals, vibrant night markets, historic temples and of course sampling the mouthwatering culinary options of Taiwan.

Come indulge all of your outdoor passions in Taiwan’s awe-inspiring natural playground.

Inclusions & Exclusioins:

The price basically includes all the in country costs upon arrival. It includes the following: meals, ground transportation, lodging (camping & shared B&B style rooms), admission to museums and parks, bilingual guide, and elementary Mandarin conversational lessons. The price does not include airfare, checked baggage fees, visa fee, travel insurance, immunization, personal snacks, alcoholic drinks, and gratuity.

Travel Info:

Participants should fly to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (aka Chiang Kai-Shek International Airport. The three-leter code is TPE). US Passport holders can stay in Taiwan for up to 30 days without a visa.

Physical Requirement:

Anyone who is willing to embark on an active journey in Taiwan is welcomed!

Tentative Itinerary:

Since this trip is not a backcountry trip, there is no strict day-to-day itinerary. We’ll weave active sports with interesting evening events and select one or two suitable day excursions as our rest day options. For people who want to learn more about rock climbing, our competent instructors have prepared a curriculum for class sessions. Sea kayaking options will be selected routes at the northern or northeastern shores. Day hike options include beautiful trails in Yangmingshan National Park, geological hikes, historical trails, and small islet discovery. Below we list our rock climbing curriculum and sample options for day tours and evening events.

Sample Day Excursions

1. Taipei Day Tour

Taipei, with its special geographic location and unique historical position, cannot be defined with simple words. Taipei is international, vibrant, and friendly; its energy and diversity attracts millions of visitors and still often brings residents pleasant surprises. During Taipei Day Tour, we will take advantage of the convenient public transportation to visit a few Taipei landmarks, explore its cultural and historical stories, taste authentic Chinese cuisine and gourmet Taiwanese snacks, and sip Kung-fu tea underneath stars.


2. Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan is one of the eight national parks in Taiwan; it is located at the northern edge of the Taipei basin. It is probably best known of its flower season, and therefore it attracts the most tourists in springtime. During May to August, it is the best time to view the butterflies and Datunshan is one of the well known places to see some of the 168 different species of butterflies in northern Taiwan (ref. wikipedia). Other worth visiting places include Menghuanhu, Qixingshan, Qingtiengang etc. Yangmingshan is also one of the best places to see the night view of Taipei city. A bath in a hot spring can be easily incorporated to this day tour.


3. National Palace Museum

If you come to Taiwan, you cannot miss National Palace Museum. It has a permanent collection of over 600 thousand pieces of Ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks. It is said that only 1% of the collection is displayed at a given time, and it takes one more than 40 years to possibly see all the items. Visiting National Palace Museum gives one a glance of over 5,000 years of Chinese history.


4. Northern Shore Geological Tour

Taiwan is a so-called ecological and geological classroom. There are more than 250 peaks which are more than 3,000 meters (~10,000 feet) high. Its climate and a variety of terrains make the island home to abundant animal and plant life. Along the northern shore, unique landscape and geological features caused by active sea and wind erosion are everywhere. We will visit and study many formations, including Tofu rocks and the famous soon-to-be-history Queen’s Head in Yehliu Geological Park. A stroll in an old mining town featured in the movie Bei Qing Cheng Shi can be incorporated in this day tour. Bei Qing Cheng Shi (A City of Sadness) won the Golden Lion Award of Venice Film Festival in 1989.


Short Activities

Short activities are usually two or three hours in duration. Types of short activities include evening events and side hikes. An evening can be one of the followings: Pingxi Sky Lantern, Jilong Miaokou, Beitou hotsprings, KTV etc. A side hike is usually a hand-picked hike in Taipei County; for example, the historical Caoling trail, Bitoujiang trail, Longdongjia trail etc.


Rock Climbing Progression

Session I:
Introduction to gear and basic climbing knots. Climbing movement overview. Proper belay techniques. Climb on top ropes.

Session II:
More knots. Anchor cleaning. Rappelling. Sling craft and easy anchors. Advanced climbing movements. Introduction to types of holds.

Session III:
Belay a leader. Lead theory. Gear in depth. Gear placement. Anchor building. Route following and cleaning.

Session IV:
Anchor building. Sport leading versus traditional leading. Mock leads.

Session V:
Lead climb. Multi-pitching. Self Rescue.

Words from Past Participants of Rocking the Pacific:

“I had a fantastic time climbing with LittlePo Adventures at Long Dong, Taiwan!  The climbing was beautiful and varied, and the instructors were super accomplished climbers and inspiring teachers. On the cultural side, I enjoyed having LittlePo’s insider perspective when visiting the mountain and beach villages, night markets, and hot springs.  And the food was delicious!  I would highly recommend this trip to any of my friends looking for an active adventure and cultural immersion.” – Heather Buchholz

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