"Szu-Ting, from Taiwan and a resident of the US, is as close to being a native as possible with mastery of the language and culture and knowledge of Chinese history expressed through many great stories." - Jane Wicklund, a participant of Discover the Lost Horizon 2012

Romancing Penghu, an Active Island Adventure

  • Dates: Springs or falls (we welcome inquiry from small groups for customized outings)
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Price: $1650.00
  • Activity: Multi-sport


Taiwans’ spectacular Penghu Archipelago, contains over 50 picturesque islands. Located just north of the equator Penghu is the perfect spring/fall tropical escape with clear blue skies overhead and sparkling golden beaches underfoot. The warm turquoise waters of Penghu, guarded by steep basalt cliffs and rimmed by white sand beaches are home to abundant coral, shells, and various other ocean creatures. Due to its strategic military location in southeast asia, foreign travel to Penghu has only been recently allowed. As a result the people of Penghu have maintained their traditional ocean based way of life.

LittlePo Adventures will offer a variety of active experiences throughout the Penghu getaway, including snorkeling, sea kayaking, biking, fishing, rock climbing, bird watching, historic/cultural tours and island hopping. In addition, participants will also have the option to explore on their own; rent a scooter (the most common mode of transit) and zip around the islands, stroll down one of the narrow brick lined streets of Magong taking in the unique surroundings or just relax with a book on the beach. We will also indulge in the delicious local culinary options. Between the traditional Penghu cuisine of scrumptious preserves and pickled vegetables, seafood harvested fresh from the sea and delicious hot pot meals there is something to quell every palate.

Photo Album of Romancing Penghu