Not only is Szu-ting fluent in Mandarin, she is very well-versed, well-read and well-experienced in the food of every province of China. She knows the ingredients of each dish as well as how each is prepared in the finest of details. Quite impressive! Her fluency of the language and vast knowledge of the geography and food culture succeeded in making my entry to China as seamless as possible. - Annie Wilson

Taste Taiwan, Spectacular Hikes & Authentic Chinese Cuisine

  • Dates: Springs or falls (we welcome inquiry from small groups for customized outings)
  • Days: 7 days
  • Price: $1950.00
  • Activity: food tasting, hiking


Gourmet! Food in Taiwan always impresses first time visitors and comforts returning guests. Local ingredients are diverse; everything is delicious. In one neighborhood, you can easily find various authentic regional Chinese cuisines and countless international flavors. Chiang Kai-shek lost the civil war to Mao and retreated with his troops to Taiwan in 1949. The veterans could not go home to mainland China and had to settle down with other occupations. Many of them were good cooks and started to sell their home town cuisines. Veterans used to live in close proximity with one another and this fact facilitated the sharing of family recipes and cooking techniques. Together with the original Taiwanese home-style dishes, almost all the regional Chinese cuisines are well represented in Taiwan.

Taste Taiwan is designed for active gourmets. We will taste characteristic food and taste distinctive landscapes and scenery. A day might look like this: After a fulfilling Beijing-style breakfast, we hike on a historic trail overlooking the Pacific. During the hike, we snack on flavorful Taiwanese bakery items and sip bubble tea. Dinner can be a night market stroll for an added cultural touch or flaming Sichuanese hot pot. All the hikes and all the food choices are hand-picked, so you will want to taste Taiwan again and again.

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