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Backcountry & Culture Excursions

provide adventurers a diverse selection of activities, destinations, and cultural immersions. There is usually a backcountry component during which we travel and camp in the wild countries. As we visit different destinations we interact with local people and participate in their festivals and activities if possible. The culture immersion part is highly organic. With your open-mindedness, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.


Qigong & Wilderness Expeditions

Qigong and Wilderness Retreats provide explorers qigong instructions in a wilderness setting. Qigong practice is a powerful way to cultivate our own health and vitality, and develop our spirit and soul. It also offers tools to receive Qi – both energy and information – from the environment. There is no better place to learn and practice qigong than the wilderness. During the Retreat we are based in mountain towns or small remote villages and synchronize our own rhythm with the rhythm of nature.


About LittlePo Adventures

LittlePo Adventures provides active tours in China, Taiwan, and Mongolia. We believe that non-motorized activities are the best ways to discover the essence of a destination. During our journeys we connect with local people and cultures to truly listen to the pulse of the destination.

Trekking in the Oriental Alps Wonderland, Tibetan Region in Sichuan China

Upcoming Trip May 9-20, 2016

Trekking in the Oriental Alps Wonderland is an Qigong and Wilderness Expedition. Starting in the China's “laziest” city, Chengdu. We explore pandas, mouth-watering cuisine, stunning bamboo forests, Chinese opera etc. We then head to the grand Himilayan Mountains where the Siguniang Mountain Range is located and enjoy 7-day of Qigong learning and wilderness exploration....

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What our clients say …

The depth and beauty I experienced with the local people, culture and wilderness really instilled me with a whole new perspective of love and passion for living.

Hsiang-Ting Hsiao 2014 Trekking in the Majesty of Tibetan Plateau

Dave and Szu-ting are masters at efficiency, patience, spontaneous flexibility and truly listening and intuiting what is happening individually and collectively with the group. … Daily Qi Gong with Karen was potent, vital and a beautiful part of the journey.

Carrie Lafferty 2014 Trekking in the Majesty of Tibetan Plateau

This trip specifically allowed my fellow midshipmen and I to analyse the daily lifestyle of the Tibetan people and interact with Tibetan monks who spend their entire lives seeking true enlightenment.

Eamonn McCarey 2013 Trekking in the Majesty of Tibetan Plateau

My husband and I recently did a Yunnan province trek with them [Szu-ting & Karen] and we feel so privileged to have seen China so closely in a way most Westerners never do.

Jane Wicklund 2013 Discover the Lost Horizon

Selected Destinations

LittlePo's active journeys bring you to the sheer canyons and quiet farm lands of Northern Yunnan, the grand mountain range in Tibetan Plateau, the beautiful island in South-eastern Asia, the expansive Gobi in Mongolia and more.

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